Would you like more support to care for your infant or child?
Are you expecting a child, and would like to start your parenting journey with confidence, peace and joy?
Are you already a parent looking for support and guidance in your parenting journey?
Would you like to feel you had your very own experienced, caring and sensitive Health Professional you could turn to for individual attention and guidance?….Someone you had built a relationship with?
Are you looking for easily accessible support, when you need it most?

My name is Jo Clark, and I have created Infant Care Support for parents and soon to be parents just like you!
I am a midwife, and Tresillian trained Maternal and Child Health Nurse with over 20 years of experience helping parents with young children.
I have worked in the United Kingdom as a Sick Children’s Nurse, and as a Postnatal Maternity Nurse in London.
I have two children of my own, and love helping other parents with their infants and children.
I am also an Aware Parenting Guide, and am passionate about offering my experience and knowledge to other parents….


“The night I came home from Hospital with my first baby was a really stressful time. My new baby wouldn’t settle after feeding, and she was crying constantly. I didn’t know what to do. Jo showed me how to help my baby settle and she gave me more confidence about being a mum. Her practical support made me feel so much better!” Megan.