Month: August 2016

Who is the one in your family who “gets your Baby to sleep”?

Sleep and settling Support
Sleep and settling Support

Maybe its You who has the magic touch…or maybe its your Partner,or your Mother ??!

Is there a competition at your house??

The notion of “Getting your Baby to sleep” is something I hear alot of Parents talk about.

Also alot of experts.

But sadly I have  seen many Mothers left feeling rejected and disappointed in the competition to be the one…who ” Gets the Baby to sleep.”

For some reason we seem to attach competent parenting with this ability.

There is alot of responsibility and expectation placed on yourself as a parent when you are caught up in this thinking.

At Infant Care Support…I think your Baby can actually get himself to sleep! And I can show you how!

I believe your Baby has an innate  ability and process to fall asleep ,and actually relieve you of the responsibility!(and the competition)

All you have to do is let him!

I  invite you to see things from a different perspective.Let me get you off to a good start and support you in the early days !

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Love Jo



Aware Parenting thoughts

Aware Parenting supports the idea that all of us,including children naturally want to CONNECT COOPERATE and CONTRIBUTE.

When children are finding it to hard to cooperate ,something is usually getting in the way.

That something could be either……..    An unmet need (often a need for connection)

A lack of understanding (they need more information)

or                          A painful feeling ( eg frustration,powerlessness,sadness).

So in order to help them get back to cooperating,it helps to ………..

Try and meet their need (connect with them)

Give them more information

and             Help them release their feelings through laughter or lovingly supporting them as they cry/tantrum.

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Is your baby crying and you don’t know what to do? Are you confused by everyones advice? Would you like support that makes sense?

Many parents feel overwhelmed and inadequate when their baby cries.

If you feel like this,then you are not alone.

We often feel alot of pressure to have a settled baby that doesn’t cry and sleeps well!.

The Infant Care Support  approach helps you understand your Babies tears.

We see tears,not only as communication,but also as a positive mechanism which babies use to ,release tension and stress.

While we still need to lovingly support our Babies when they cry ,we don’t always need to stop the tears!

Sometimes in our attempts to stop our babies crying;we actually prevent this natural process of release and relaxation occurring.

Often just a small change in perspective can make a huge difference in how you feel and how you respond to your Babies tears.

If you would like to know more,or need more support,Id love to help you….please see my website



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