My name is Jo Clark.
I am a mother of 2 lovely girls now 11 and 13yrs.
I have started Infant Care Support because I value the importance of parenting.
I love to help parents with their children and want to contribute in a small way to creating a more loving and empathic world.
As far back as I can remember I have always loved babies.
I followed my heart when I grew older and became a Registered Midwife and Tresillian trained Maternal and Child Health Nurse.
For the past 20 plus years I have been nurturing and supporting parents to care for their children.
My work has taken me around much of Australia and the United Kingdom, working as a Paediatric Nurse and Maternity Nurse helping parents in their early weeks of parenting.
I love to see children being cared for with compassion and understanding, safely bonding and flourishing in a secure loving family.

Having my first child in 2002 was both wonderful and challenging…and continues to be both.
Parenting is one of the most important and challenging roles we can ever have.
Most parents want to have wonderful close relationships with their children and bring them up to be loving, kind people.
Our next generation depends on our parenting today.
However many parents struggle because parenting is underrated!
Many parents feel isolated, unsupported and lacking in effective, confident parenting skills.

Parenting is so personal,and most of us don’t seem to have any particular path to follow besides our own parenting experiences as children.
We often learn as we go without consciously considering if this is in fact the most effective way for our children and the greater good.
Having the qualifications and experience I had definitely helped me with the practical skills of parenting a baby,
however like many new parents, I was not prepared for the dramatic personal challenge in awareness and potential growth that the opportunity of parenting creates.

Along my own parenting journey, I was fortunate enough to have studied the work and research of Aletha Solter PHD.
Aletha is a Swiss American Developmental Psychologist.
The work of Aletha has had a profound effect on the way I parent and opened my eyes to a completely different, and new way of parenting.
Aletha developed a parenting philosophy which she calls Aware Parenting.
Aware parenting offered me so much more understanding of myself and my children, and has been a wonderful guide to parenting.
I have also seen the profound effect aware parenting can have on many other parents with whom I have shared her insights.
For this reason I have also qualified as an Aware Parenting Guide.
This approach to parenting really allows parents to create a whole new way of being with their children.
Aware parenting offers us something different, and I believe has the ability to change our world.
Aware parenting really is empowering.

Through Infant Care Support I hope to offer other parents what I have learnt as both a Health Professional and a Mother.
I hope to empower parents in their ability to parent effectively and joyously.
I hope to give parents that much needed support and understanding when they find parenting a challenge.
I hope to help parents really understand their children so children’s emotional needs will be met, and they will flourish and develop their own unique potential.
I hope to pass on my dream for a more loving and empathic world through conscious parenting.