Aware parenting is a parenting approach developed by a Swiss/American Developmental Psychologist named Aletha Solter.
Aletha has written several books devoted to her research.
Aware parenting is a form of attachment parenting.
Aware parenting promotes the idea that children have an innate want to co-operate and connect with their parents.
This approach provides parents with a new perspective in understanding children.
Following the Aware Parenting approach gives parents the skills and confidence to meet their child’s physical and emotional needs
with empathy, compassion and respect therefore avoiding harsh and ineffective use of punishments and rewards!
Aware Parenting also provides care givers insight into their own emotional needs, reducing the often overwhelming feelings of guilt and failure that many parents can feel when they have children.
Aware Parenting describes how to truly connect with your children so they can flourish and become their unique true self.
Aware Parenting reduces the barriers to a truly loving, accepting, lasting relationship with your child.