Connect to support

Do you want to see your children flourish?

Are you searching for a new parenting approach that considers the needs of both children and parents and aims to produce a new generation of caring,
confident, compassionate people who can make this world a better place?

Would you like to have your very own personal, experienced, qualified Health Professional you could turn to for individual, timely support & guidance?

My goal is to provide empathy, support and guidance to you while you navigate the often challenging role of parenting.

To parent well we need support. To create a safe and peaceful world, we need children to be safely, lovingly well parented.

Over the years I have seen a growing need for support and guidance for parents.
Our modern lifestyles mean we are often separated from our support networks but the inherent need to connect and find reference continues to be important.
Infant Care Support can offer you support and reference which is easily accessible, up to date, professional, kind and caring.

Infant Care Support can help you with:

  • Settling your baby into the world with confidence
    Sleep and settling routines
    Understanding your child’s crying
    How to respond to your child’s tears
    Building connection with your child
    Helping your child heal through play
    Understanding and responding to tantrums
    Toilet training
    Guiding you to aware parenting (see about)
    Understanding your role in parenting
    Caring for yourself as you transform through parenting

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