3 months of support

1 virtual home visit every month for 3 months, or 1 home visit each month for three months.
Daily contact via text and/or email.

Bringing a baby home can feel very daunting!
This package aims to get you and your Baby off to a confident start.
I will provide you with guidance, and support you with care as you start the journey of parenting.
This package will give you professional, personal help to understand your baby’s needs, and your own needs.
You will see how you can teach your baby healthy feeding and sleep routines from an early age.
You will not have to wait for questions to be answered, as I am only a text away!!
Starting with loving support makes all the difference.
Ideally you can arrange a postnatal package before your baby is born.
That way, you already know me and you know I am available when you need me!